The Internews Digital Rights team develops programs that address the most critical issues facing internet freedom advocates today. Below is a partial list of the issues that we work extensively on:

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Content Filtering and Blocking

We strive for an open and accessible internet by keeping online content limitations minimal, public and proportionate. From supporting advocacy efforts against draconian policies governing the internet to funding research to raise awareness for vulnerable communities, our programs have taken on the issue of censorship in the digital age.


Online Surveillance and Data Privacy

We work to limit the collection, storage, and use of personally-identifying information as well as understand when and how sensitive data is collected online. As a part of our commitment to supporting human rights online, Internews works with local advocates to ensure that internet users and their personal data remain safe from predatory actors by creating tools and strategies to mitigate online risk.


Access to Information

We recognize the necessity of connectivity in the modern world and have taken on the challenge to reduce economic and social inequality with regard to access to, use, and impact of information and communication technologies (ICT). All communities deserve to hear and be heard through this global platform.