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BRidging the gap between advocates and technologists

The Tech-Policy Hackathon Toolkit aims to serve as an interactive “how-to” guide for both organizers and facilitators who are interested in holding a Tech-Policy Hackathon, an event that is focused on bridging the gap between digital rights advocates and technologists. The toolkit incorporates lessons learned from the two regional hackathons that Internews organized in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa. It also includes direct quotes from Internews partners, detailing their experience as Hackathon participants.

Language: English

March, 2018

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Engaging a wider Audience

As a part of our efforts to connect advocates with well informed, relevant resources, Internews partnered with Pollicy to create simple resources outlining how to develop a communications strategy that targets specific, individual audiences. Based in Uganda, Pollicy works at the intersection of data, tech and design with the aim of improving government service delivery through improved civic engagement and participation. New to the field of digital rights themselves, Pollicy is known for breaking down complex topics into easily understood concepts for wide audiences

Language: English (2018)


Paradigm Initiative, a longstanding partner of Internews and regional leader in the digital rights space, developed this webinar outlining how to evolve an effective and efficient communications plan for digital rights organizations and advocates. Sodiq Alabi, the communications lead at PIN, approaches issues of message framing, storytelling around digital rights issues, and media relations, to promote understanding of how to discuss digital rights in ways that are accessible to a wide range of audiences.

Language: English (2018)

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Digital engagement resources

For Doctors

Andres Delgado-Ron, a doctor and internet governance consultant based in Quito, Ecuador, conducted  research in order to assess knowledge and attitudes toward digital security issues amongst doctors. His study, entitled "La confidencialidad medico-paciente en internet," has raised awareness about best practices in digital security as they relate to the medical practice. 

Language: Spanish, (2018)


For Women in Rural communities

Based on her research regarding how human rights apply to women online and how the internet can support women's empowerment, Maritza Sanchez Hernandez developed a 20-page booklet (in Spanish) titled Ancestra. The guide intends to explain to women in rural communities their rights in a clear, concise and friendly way. Ancestra is a guide that will help you learn how to remain free, safe and informed online.

Language: Spanish  (2018)


For Persons with disabilities

Nancy Reyes Flores, a web accessibility expert, produces this report focused on web accessibility of Mexican telecommunication companies. The database also looks at Mexican legislation on web accessibility and formats of disclosure obligations. Her research also touched on web accessibility of international telecommunications operators and intern companies.This report is a summation of her research, and includes HTML accessible and responsive content.

Language: Spanish (2018)

Digital RIghts and awareness in Cameroon

AfroLeadership is a non-profit based in Cameroon that works to promote the use of ICTs to promote transparency, accountability and citizen engagement. Amidst the ongoing internet disruptions and political crisis in the Anglophone region of the country, this report aims to raise awareness about digital rights as an enabler of socio-economic development in Cameroon, and to advocate for open internet access and human rights online. Their reasearch analyzes the various instruments that promote digital and internet access in Cameroon, including relevant stakeholders and legal frameworks.

Language: English (2018)

Research and Reports

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