Our Reach


2017 by the numbers

  • Our partners conducted 26 digital security workshops and a digital skills training that benefited more than 241 participants.
  • Our partners worked with more than 90 MPs and government officials to raise awareness of digital rights issues. 
    • this work included 18 meetings/sessions with policy makers 
  • Internews Supported 15 partners to attend international conferences
  • Internews hosted 2 hackathons bringing together 21 technologists and advocates
  • We Supported 23 advocacy campaigns across all 4 regions of the globe
    • This work, so far, has resulted in 7 social media campaigns, 1 public forum, 2 televised debates, a 10 part radio program, and countless published works.

Supporting Advocacy Initiatives Worldwide

Across the globe, our partners are advocating for the creation and promotion of local laws and policies that protect citizen’s human rights online, through direct advocacy to policymakers and awareness-raising to the public. Below is a short list of the types of challenges that our partners have addressed.

  • Press Freedom Act & Internet Freedom in the DRC
  • Online Privacy & Personal data protection Act in Jordan
  • Law on Transparency and Access to Information rights, Data protection laws in Mexico
  • Protection of personal data bill in Paraguay
  • Protection of Internet freedoms in Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya & Peru
  • Net Neutrality in Colombia
  • Intermediary Liability in Argentina
  • Internet shutdowns in India and Cameroon