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Country by country, community by community, the world continues to come online. Internet access now determines citizens' rights to expression, association, privacy, health, education, work, the benefits of science and culture, and an adequate standard of living. With connectivity expanding at a meteoric rate, governments across the world are responding with domestic laws and policies aimed at constraining the internet’s expansion, centralizing control over online spaces, limiting rights to access, censoring content, and surveilling citizens’ activity online.

From blanket internet shutdowns in Cameroon that have disrupted schools and eviscerated a thriving entrepreneurial culture, to widespread internet censorship in Ukraine, online space is closing. International advocates can increase global awareness of these trends, but local advocates must be empowered to identify internet policies that endanger human rights, and engage effectively with their governments and communities to fight for internet policies that promote human rights.

Today, more than ever, the promise and potential of a global internet depends on local voices. To learn about how we approach and address these issues, go to Our Approach


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