About Us


Internews’ Global Technology team is a unit within the broader Internews organization that focuses on ____. Internews has long been a leader in promoting both digital rights and protections for the world’s most vulnerable populations. From blanket internet shutdowns in Cameroon to low adoption of difficult-to-use privacy and security tools, online space is becoming increasingly unsafe. Our team is empowering local advocates to advance strong internet policies that promote human rights and creating a global network of trainers to expand better digital security practices among high risk users.


Our Reach


Supporting Advocacy Initiatives Worldwide

Across the globe, our partners are advocating for the creation and promotion of local laws and policies that protect citizen’s human rights online, through direct advocacy to policymakers and awareness-raising to the public. Below is a short list of the types of challenges that our partners have addressed.

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+ What have we worked on?

• Press Freedom Act & Internet Freedom in the DRC

• Online Privacy & Personal data protection Act in Jordan

• Law on Transparency and Access to Information rights, Data protection laws in Mexico

• Protection of personal data bill in Paraguay

• Protection of Internet freedoms in Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya & Peru

• Net Neutrality in Colombia

• Intermediary Liability in Argentina

• Internet shutdowns in India and Cameroon